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Angry Birds Movie Toys Unboxing

Yeah. Hi, kids. Today we’re going to play Angry Birds Part Two. This video was sponsored by Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds. Let’s play the game.

Whoa, the graphics are really impressive. They’re kind of 3D. Wow. Wow, it’s exploding. What is this? Uh-oh. It’s one of the pigs. It’s taking over the game. Oh, no. Those pigs are rebuilding their platform. Oh, no. Those pesky pigs are back, but I don’t have any more angry birds. What to do, Fuzz? I know what to do. I’ll go and turn my angry birds game and pull out some more angry birds to fight those pigs with. Yeah.

Oh, ah. I’m a video game character. Whoa. Where am I? I think I’m inside the game. Wow, I am inside the game. Where are those birds at? Hey, angry bird. I need your help. The pigs, they’re outside the game. No, don’t go over there. Wait, where are you going?

I’m back. I’m going to get you pigs. I’ve got my angry birds now. You guys are in trouble. Yeah. This was so much fun playing today, kids. Thanks again to Rovio for sponsoring my video. Make sure to click down below in the description so you can download Angry Birds Part Two for free. Yeah. See you guys next time. Make sure to hit the subscribe button. Bye bye.

Click here to download the game. It’s the one year anniversary of Angry Birds Part Two, and did you guys know that this game has been downloaded more than 100 million times? That’s a lot. I can’t even count that high. What do you guys say? Yeah, let’s do it. I bought this slingshot to shoot down your pegs with. It’s pretty cool. There’s a variety of different angry birds to choose.

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