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Casper Mattress Unboxing & Review

Abby and Ian unbox their new Casper mattress.

Ian: Hi, we’re the Corys and we recently bought a Casper sleeper. Why did we buy a Casper mattress?
Abby: Because terrible things happened to us before.
Ian: It was a Black Friday deal and we saved a bunch of money.
Abby: What did it teach us?
Ian: It taught us that we can’t look for deals when you’re shopping for a mattress. It’s arguably the most important investment that you make. But, in that, we need a good mattress that doesn’t cost as much as the …
Abby: Silver Dream
Ian: The Silver Dream
Abby: Stearns & Foster’s Silver Dream
Ian: So I said, “Look, honey, I’ve been listening to these podcasts. They’re talking about this Casper mattress. I’ve looked into it. It looks pretty good.”
I’ve read great things about the customer service, so we decided to give it a try.
Abby: Yep.
Ian: It’s a king-size Casper sleeper. And we’re going to unbox it for you here today.
Abby: Yeah. Shall we do that now?
Ian: So right off the bat, we’ve got this card that explains how to put together your mattress. It has an included box cutter and it’s basically going to just roll out onto the bed. We just got to find a way to lift it and put it on the bed.
Right here, this is for display. It’s not actually going to work for us so …
Abby: We’re not …
Ian: It’s heavy. Now we’re lifting heavy things.
Okay, so … Here’s the mattress. I’m guessing that we should … We should like lay it down and then pull it out.
Yeah? Okay, so … I’m going to bring it back. I’m going to lean it towards you.
Abby: Okay.
Ian: Don’t have much room over here. Is there anything I’m going to land on?
Abby: Okay.
Ian: Ready?
Abby: Okay. Yep.
Ian: Here we go. Ahhhhhh.
Abby: Ahhhhhhh.
Ian: Ahhhhhh.
Abby: Okay.
Ian: Yeah!
Abby: So this is what it looks like. I have it right here.
Ian: It’s amazing, it’s compressed down to about this thick and when it expands, it’s going to be a 10-inch mattress.
Abby: Oooo.
Ian: That’s hopefully what we’re going to watch happen here.
Where’s the cutter thing?
Abby: Uh … oh, there we go.
Ian: I did this wrong.
Abby: Okay.
Ian: Okay. Use the [inaudible 00:02:25] to unwind your Casper. Start on the dot. Okay.
Abby: Bentley.
Ian: Where’s the dot? Oh, that’s the dot.
Abby: Oh, wow. I see it. It’s standing already.
How did that hold that? That’s crazy.
Ian: And there it goes.
Abby: Oh, my goodness. We’d better get it in place. Which is the top and which is the bottom?
Ian: I’m not done yet. I think that’s the … I think it goes this way.
So now we jump.
Abby: Woooh. Not bad. It kind of smells weird. It smells like new mattress.
Ian: Yeah.
I’m kind of a side sleeper. I need a mattress that doesn’t really put a lot of pressure on my rib cage or my shoulder.
Abby: I fall asleep in like a twisted position. Like I’m climbing up the surface of a rock. It feels good so far. It has just enough give. It’s not too firm.
Ian: My first impressions with this mattress were that … it’s very comfortable, it’s very soft. It doesn’t feel like a memory foam mattress even though it is. It has that base layer of memory foam. But it doesn’t feel like you’re sinking into it as much. It’s very bouncy.
Abby: I like the lumbar support. Like my back feels fully supported.
Ian: No, no, no. Come over.
Abby: I like the lumbar support. I think it’s great. Like when I’m laying down on my back, I don’t feel uncomfortable. I feel like every part of my body is supported correctly. I felt like with this bed I wasn’t really having to make any concessions. For the most part, this seems to be a really good option.
I was really skeptical at first when he told me that, you know, basically this is a bed that is shipped to you in a box. And it unfolds. And I was like, “That sounds crazy.” But after we did some research, we realized that it was totally legit. And, you know, they had done a lot of research and development to make this work. They got great reviews.
My only concern is that we have two cats. They’re both black. And cats can’t talk so … If they don’t like the mattress, my concern is that they will not know how to communicate that to me.
Honey? Should we just get a cat to walk across the mattress real quick?
Ian: I think we should get an expert opinion.
Abby: Yeah.
Ian: Yeah.
Abby: Elevator music. Here we go. Will he approve? He’s sniffing. He’s walking. Is it okay, Bentley?
Ian: He’s more interested in the box, I think.
Abby: Ahh. What is it with cats and boxes?
Bentley, do you approve of all this?
What? Ahhh. But what about the mattress, fella? Is that good to you? Do you approve?
Ian: Cat-approved!
Abby: So I’m Abby.
Ian: I’m Ian.
Abby: And that’s Bentley.
Ian: And thank you for watching our review on the Casper sleeper bed. We should add one more thing. If you want to try one out for yourself, we’ll put a link down below with our referral code. So you can use that and get $50 off your purchase at And it will also help us out and get us $50 credit on the mattress we just bought. So feel free to click the link. I’m not sure if there’s a limit to how many times we can use that, so if you end up buying one, feel free to put your link in the comments so other people can get that deal.
We’re just really happy with the ease of ordering and just the level of customer service that we’ve gotten through this company so far. So, with that, we’ll say thanks again. Don’t forget to click the link if you want to try your own Casper mattress and order directly through the website below.

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