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Hey guys. It’s Sarah. Welcome back to the channel. Today is a haul and I’m doing a haul from This video is not sponsored. If you guys saw my video a while back, I did work with them for that video, but my opinion was still the same. I decided that I wanted to go out, spend my own money, and show you guys that this site is legit.

They have a bunch of great stuff that anybody can use if you’re looking for affordable items. Organizational, makeup, they have a bunch of kids stuff. They have a ton of stuff. It really is a place where you can find a bunch of great stuff.

If you are going to shop on the site, you do need to look thoroughly. They update things all the time. It’s just like Dollar Tree. New things are always coming in, so get the emails from them and go on there often just to see what they have, because you may miss a really good deal if you don’t check often.

I got a couple of different things, but the thing I was most excited about was … Dun, dun, dun, dun … These organizational bins. These are the fabric bins. They’re collapsible storage bins. I got four of them to replace those dingy … Look, even one’s missing. I shared in a live event that I just did … That’s why the one bin is missing. These are going to replace those. These are for my kids’ toys. Anything that they play with in the living room stays in these bins. They are super cute. I just love the pattern of them. They’re a pretty decent size. They’re not quite as big as those old ones that I have back there, but I’m completely okay with that and I’m fine.

The next item that I got. Here’s a little cute one. I was totally thinking about Instagram pictures. How terrible is that? I really want to get into those flat lay photos that I’ve been seeing on Instagram and these are just little school supplies. It’s all in Japanese or Chinese, it looks like. They have little ice cream cones and little desserts. I thought that they would be a good prop. If you guys are familiar with flat lay photos, a lot of them have little props. They have little ice cream desserts, and I believe these are all erasers. I just love them. I thought they were so cute. This little, tiny eraser, it’s an ice cream cone. How cute is that? That is adorable. I was definitely thinking about these for flat lay photos.

The next thing that I picked up was … These are cupcake molds and they’re in the shape of a butterfly. I am going to be packing Bobby’s lunch, so I thought for his little bento boxes, to put these inside of a container to put blueberries, or strawberries, fruits. These would be good. It’s six silicone molds.

The next thing that I picked up was just this little chalkboard sign. I’m going to use this for fall in some way. Some type of décor. I thought that it was really cute. It’s [called 00:02:40] from Craft Décor. It says it’s a chalkboard wall plaque. You can find these at the Dollar Tree, but I just like the shape of it. They had a few different options and it wasn’t expensive. I think it was $2. It wasn’t expensive at all.

The final thing that I got, I was a little bit skeptical about. It was a rug and it’s from … It says the brand is Home. Here is the print. It’s just the same type of coil, I don’t know if that’s called coil, but it’s the same print as on the bins. At the landing of our stairs, I’m going to set up a little backpack, shoe station for Bobby to get ready for school. We had a rug that was there, but it’s kind of old and looks gross. It’s kind of beat up. This is not big at all. If you look at the span of my arms, it’s definitely just a welcome mat. It’s not big in size. It’s not super big at all, and that’s what I was kind of skeptical about. How big it would be. It was only $5. It’s actually not that thick, but it does have a rubber grip on the bottom, which I really do like. The ends are kind of finished off, you know what I mean?

Got one more thing and it’s a lipstick. It’s from L.A. Girl. I see everybody using that L.A. Girl concealer, so I wanted to give this a try. It’s their matte lipstick. Their Flat Velvet Matte Lipstick. This is in the shade Snuggle, it says. I never tried anything from this brand. I think it was $2. They have a bunch of makeup.

They’re always updating that site. If you guys want to see Instagram posts or Facebook posts about what’s new on there so that I can keep you guys up to date, I would love to do that, because it’s kind of like one of those things once it’s gone, you miss out. Like those things, I was looking for more of them. They’re amazing. They’re a great quality. They were $5. I love them. The cereal containers, the lipstick containers, I still use all of that stuff.

This is the shade … Oh, it’s like a really nice brownish nude. That’s the lipstick.

So guys, that was my entire haul. I hope that you enjoyed it and will check out Hollar for yourself. I’m going to put my referral link in the description box below, so that you can shop and sign up if you want to. I love you. Subscribe. Share this video with a friend. It will help me out so very much. I love you so very much, and I will see you guys next time. Bye guys.

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