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Home Decor Unboxing Rustic Farm Style

Can fall be here like now? Because I am sweating. Hi everybody. This is going to be a really quick video, but it’s going to be an unboxing. It’s just a couple of things, but I wanted to do a little unboxing, because I order a couple of things. I’m seeing it for the first time in person with you guys, so that’s kind of exciting. Then I have a cute sign behind me that I have shared on Instagram. I’m going to share it with you guys.

I have not decided officially where I’m going to place it in my home, but I love it. It’s super cute and I’ve had it on my piano. I’m going to share that. I’m going to share the sign with you guys first. It is from Everyday Cookies Hand-painted and Custom Signs by Heidi Woodruff. Her Etsy shop is on here. What I will do, you could either screenshot that or I’m just going to leave the link below anyway so you guys can go to her shop and check out the other signs that she makes.

Here is the sign. It says, “Mercantile.” I love the finish on it. The sanded, rustic look. She obviously stencils the letter. I love the font, it’s super cute. It’s a good size. It’s not too wide and it’s not too long. It’s a great size and she has her cute little logo stamp on the back there.

I absolutely adore this sign and, in fact, one of my absolute favorite stores that I go to when I shop at is called Mercantile and it’s in Hurricane, Utah. I’ve got on my hutch there, I’ve got on that shutter that I have the spoon and fork on. That’s in my kitchen that I will share in Instagram. I have got this yellow and white bench that I painted in my craft room. If you check out my craft room tour on my channel, I have a yellow and white bench in there. I had picked that up from the Mercantile and I just painted.

I’ve gotten lots of really great pieces and smaller pieces like ball jars and Pepsi crates and things like that. I absolutely love the Mercantile and so this sign is just super fitting. That’s that and then for the unboxing. Let me get some scissors. How are you guys doing? I hope you guys are doing well. My channel is growing thanks to you guys and that’s tons of fun. If you are still new, welcome to Craft-O-Maniac’s channel and I’m happy to have you guys here.

This stuff in here, it’s just two items. It’s from Farmhouse wares and I will link them below as well. There’s some cute shops I’ve discovered lately and this is one of them. Of course, a lot of you might be familiar with Decor Steals and they have really cute stuff as well. It looks like this. All those peanuts, styrofoam peanuts in there that I don’t like, but my children do and luckily they’re not here. One of them is downstairs. He hasn’t gone to kindergarten yet.

I guess I’m just going to have a mess to clean up because I don’t really see in any way of doing this. One I just pulled out. Here’s one of the items. It is a darling …. Black and white enamel pitcher. It’s not very big. Just a short kind of cute and chubby little pitcher with this cute handle that comes up and the cute little spout. I actually have a real vintage enamel pitcher that’s in my kitchen I’ve shared on Instagram. If you have my Instagram, Craft-O-Maniac, it’s up on top of my refrigerator in a vintage metal, old milk crate and I have some sunflowers and fall flowers in it.

Anyway, I got this enamel black and white pitcher. I’m going to start collecting a little bit more enamel stuff. I need another thing to collect. Here we go. This thing was so cute and it was actually out of stock when I first went to their website and I wanted it so bad. I just kept checking their site and it finally came back in stock, so here it is.

This darling creamery ice cold butter ice cream. Some items I just like to use as d├ęcor. I’m not going to let my kids use this to get all nasty. Here it is. It’s pretty long too. Folds all the way out to big square. I just picked up this cute little tea towel along with this cute enamel piece. Here’s my screenshot.

That’s it you guys. Like I said, just a really quick short video, little unboxing, but I wanted to share again with you guys. I will be back with a fall home tour. I started to put up a few little things yesterday. I didn’t bring in any bins, but I just pulled stuff from my pegboard that I have out in my garage that has all my resins and foliage and little garlands and wreath, twines and things like that. I pulled from that and I added them to living room. Stay tuned for that. I can’t wait. I’m hoping to have that up next week.

Thank you guys so much. If you enjoyed this small, short, little video, please give it a thumbs up or you can subscribe or you could do both. Why not? I all see you guys other time. Thanks. Bye.

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