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Manaliso Clothing Unboxing

What’s up guys? My name is Hans Wouters, and today I just received an email saying that this package right here has arrived in the local post office. Guess what we’re going to do, we’re going to unbox this bad boy. Yeah, let’s get it started. Set this thing up. Get the focus done right. Okay, so, I am very excited for this box because as you can already read in the title of this video, this is a box by Manaliso, and Manaliso is my clothing sponsor. They’ve been sponsoring me for quite a while now. The previous box that I received from these guys was actually sent to me right before I started my YouTube channel. This is pretty much my first unboxing ever online from Manaliso. I’m really excited because they always send me these awesome clothes, awesome t-shirts, like sweaters and stuff so let’s do this.

Okay, looks like this is the way to go. All right. Let’s put this knife away before I cut myself. Here we go. This is the box. Yeah, nice, okay. Let’s just start with the beginning, this is the first shirt they sent me. Looking very nice. The big payback by Manaliso which is awesome like the bottle graphic. Right here it’s saying like big logo in the back, always nice. Very clean shirts, it looks very nice. It feels so good, this is like my favorite type of t-shirt to skate because they feel so good when you wear them. They’re also very solid, so very nice shirt.

Then next up, going to do another shirt, this is an awesome graphic right here. Like a dude’s all suited up and wearing a TV head which is awesome graphic of the urban base right here so that looks very, very nice. Super clean, I always like wearing black and white shirts, so these two are ideal for me. As you probably already know, I’m a big fan of clean shirts like this one just very clean with a logo on here, it is perfect for me. Two shirts which are already amazing.

Then we have a sweater, I really want to have this one. Yeah this one is amazing, man. This really looks amazing. This is just a black sweater with over here, the big payback and I’ll show you the detail. It is like patched on it pretty old school type of logo right here. Then you get the Manaliso logo, very simple on the back. Very gentle, like this sweater looks so good and it fits like my previous one. I really like wearing this type of sweater, because it’s just super comfy. When it’s too cold to skate in a t-shirt this is ideal for me because yeah who doesn’t love sweaters man?

Then we got a lot of stickers, they are always throw in so many stickers, so this is like big gigantic sticker pack I can do like (singing) and then … This is nice man, damn. We got a lighter, we got two lighters and these lighters are the sleekest lighters I’ve ever seen. Dude look at this man, it works, it even works so if I were to smoke weed I would light it with these ones but I don’t so sorry guys.

Yeah, these ones are looking very nice, very cool lighters, that’s just dope, that’s just a very dope extra to throw in and then it is empty. That was everything inside this Manaliso box. I want to thank everyone at Monaliso for sending me this, I really appreciate this and it means a lot to me because yeah, look at this man, it’s so freaking cool. It’s all looking so dope and I can’t wait to shred it. Also something that’s really cool about Monaliso is just the fact that these clothes are all made environmental friendly, it’s all from ecological responsible resources.

It’s all fair trade, fair labor and I really dig that, I really support that. You can read all about it on their website which I really recommend doing because they also have a lot of awesome other clothing that looks so clean so yeah, I’ll put the link and description for share and that’s pretty much it. I just realized that today is the day that the winner is announced from the give away of this board right here, this beauty, so a lot of you guys competed in this contest and it was crazy, it was like 1700 reactions or something, which I really appreciate, I really appreciated reading all of them. I read every single one of them and it was so amazing for me to read this. I still try to reply to as many as I can but it’s just so many reactions which is crazy so thanks a lot for all of the supports.

It was so inspiring reading all of them. The winner is actually Daniz1712, I already contacted him probably when this video came out because I’m going to contact him right now. He was just around the [inaudible 00:06:27] I didn’t really feel like filming everything because I’ve seen a couple of the give away announcements and quite frankly I always think that’s so boring to watch so this is just the winner Daniz1712 congrats man and yeah, thanks a lot to everyone else, maybe there will be another give away one day, I don’t know what kind I can give away because it’s quite difficult for me to do these give aways but yeah these boards I really hop you will enjoy shredding it.

As I already told everyone in that video it means a lot to me; these boards holds a lot of value to me so I hope you will be happy with it man and yeah that concludes this video right now. Thanks a lot for everyone for watching this video, really appreciate it, really appreciate all this talk and laugh and yeah big hugs from Belgium and see you guys in the next video. Chao.

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