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Muscle Food Unboxing

Okay. Muscle Food delivery has arrived. The box is fully intact. Thank you very much, Parcelforce. Okay, unboxing video so you can see what’s in the box, okie dokie? I cut that open, obviously, before because it’s easier. This is that astronaut-style packaging that I told you about. Oh gosh. It’s like Christmas day. Right, then, let’s have a look and see what we’ve got. Sweet chili burgers. Sweet chili chicken burgers, sorry. Extra lean beef burgers. Beef hachie stakes, hachie? Some more burgers. Wow. Right. That is hot peri peri marinated chicken skewers. Minus the skewers? I don’t know. I’ll have a look. For those that asked, these are the ice bags that come. It’s like chilled, frozen jelly. That’s my dog. These I’m excited about. These are chicken meatballs. That’s my dishwasher. Hold on. Okay. That’s my dog. What are these? These are low fat cumberland sausages. Nice. More chicken meatballs. This looks good. Sirloin steaks. Turkey turkey turkey bacon. Turkey turkey turkey bacon. Oh, no, these do have the skewers in. Hot peri peri marinated chicken skewers. God. Right, what else we got in here?

Chicken sausages. The kids will like those. More cumberland sausages. Barbecue. We’ve got some extra lean beef mince. Yeah. We’ve got more chicken sausages. The kids will love those ones, as well. We’ve got some more beef mince. Jesus. We’ve got some rump steak. We’ve got, oh my God, heaviest in the world, chicken breasts. Holy moly that’s heavy. More chicken breasts. There we go. Chicken breasts. Normally, down inside, yeah. Sweeties. I do like sweeties. Normally, yes, there’s your seasoning. I’m not sure on that, but I guess it must be quite low if it’s part of this pack. Then a refer a friend leaflet. Awesome. That’s really good. If you look in the box, you can see more ice packs. These are nice and frozen and it’s like 25 degrees outside. Yeah, let’s get rid of that. This is the worst video ever, sorry. There we go. Steak, mince, burgers, more burgers, sausages, more burgers, chicken, more mince, chicken, steaks, sweeties, seasoning, sausages. Those look. I’m going to try those. More sausages. The most amount of chicken, more skewers, turkey bacon. I never had turkey bacon, but I have more turkey bacon. Just the last steak. There you go, guys. That is the Sliming World, the ultimate, lean meat pack, which is 79 pounds, but you get 10 pounds off. Bargain. Now I’ve got to try and fit it all in the freezer.

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