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New Shirts and Adidas Matchcourt Unboxing

Hey guys, what’s going on? It’s Chris. I got a few ordered stuff and I wanted to share it with you guys what I got. I got Bape, and Comme de Garcon. Of course, you guys seen in my last video the Comme de Garcon shirt at the end was pretty tight, so I wanted to get something new and more casual and just a different color, because I really like the stripes. What I got was a red striped shirt and a Bape shirt, and some pair of shoes, and this cool patch that I picked up today. We’re going to unbox this stuff and then see what’s good. Let’s see what’s going on. See how fresh stuff look.

Yeah baby.

I got the Adidas Matchcourts because I know they were really clean to me. I just liked how simple and clean it was, and plus the toe cap was super cool. I really was leaning toward getting this shoe, so I got it. It has canvas, suede, of course the three original stripes on it. It’s black and white shoe. Of course, I got this Bape shirt. It looks really tight. Blue is my favorite color and I really wanted some authentic Bape, so I ordered this and I like it, the way it turned out. Everything fit well. The Comme de Garcon shirt turned out pretty good. It fit great. I like the red stripes on it. It’s very vibrant. If you’re having a gloomy day, probably wear this and you’ll probably stick out. I’ll stick out anyways, because you know all the ladies be looking at me. Anyways, y’all enjoy this quick edit. Comment below on what next video you guys want to see. I’ll talk to you guys in the next video. Deuces.

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