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Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Unboxing

Toys”R”Us presents, Kids Unboxing Toys. On today’s episode, we’re unboxing the Nomnom’s Lip gloss Truck.

Hi everybody. I’m Eva and I’m excited to check out this hot new toy. I says it comes with hidden mixing tools, like this vanilla swirly thingy with a cherry on top. It ways it comes with a special edition cherry scoop. I think it’s a Nomnom. This is so cool. It has all these cool ingredients and flavors. It also comes with sprinkles too. Let’s open it and see if it does. Wow, this actually does smell like a cherry.

Wow, this truck is pretty cool. Now that we have the truck out of the box, it’s wheels really move. There’s so many Nomnoms and series too. Hey Geoffrey is that the collector’s menu? Look, it even tells you how to make your own recipe. Like the cheesy bacon Nom-burger and the cinnamon apple cheesecake. You get 2 cone lip gloss holders, 1 cup lip gloss holder and 3 Nomnom tops.

Here’s the lip gloss. It comes with 2 flavors, cherry and vanilla. It also comes with glitter sprinkles. No take a scoop and pop it int the mixing cup. Geoffrey, we get to choose our flavoring. I love vanilla. We need to add 10 drops of flavoring. 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10. Oh Geoffrey, it’s all gooey and smells sweet like vanilla. Let’s add some glitter sprinkles. Now I’m going to be placing the cup underneath the dispenser. Taking the plunger out. Putting the lip gloss in. Now, I’m going to push it down. Let’s see what happens.

Oh, it looks like froyo. Oh cool, vanilla lip gloss. Now I’m going to be covering it with my favorite Nom, Mr. Vanilla. I can even stack the special edition Nom on top. Isn’t that cool, Geoffrey? Bye guys. Thanks for watching this weeks episode. Beep, beep. Catch you later.

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