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PS4 Slim Unboxing & Review

Hey, guys. I just want to do a quick unboxing of the PS4 Slim here, and I wanted to update my PS4 to the latest PS4 Slim. Obviously we do have the PS4 Pro coming very shortly, so I’ll probably get that in as well. For now with the PS4 Slim you are getting some new features here, HDR gaming, a better DualShock controller, and easier to swap out the hard drive as well. I’m going to unbox it and see how it looks compared to the old one, which has served me very well actually. I’ll probably knock my camera over in this video, because it’s such a big box for such a small console. I don’t see the point of having such a big box anymore. Wow, this is stuck in. There we go. How do I open this? There we go. This is the biggest thing I’ve unboxed. You do get some stuff in the box like power brick and everything. Probably not power brick actually, but just power cable. That looks nice. Look at that. That is very nice. I’m going to zoom in. I mean this is typical Sony, isn’t it?

Who does Sony when it comes to gaming? Shame they can’t get their phones right. You can see, a very nice design here. You’re getting your ports on the back still, so HDMI, I’m not sure what that is, probably that is the power obviously, and then there’s a physical cable, RJ45 or Ethernet. What’s this? This could be maybe the hard disk, maybe? Very nice design here, as you can see. I particularly like the way they’ve gotten rid of the shininess. Whoa, what was that? The shiny area which catched a lot of fingerprints, you can see this is much better when it comes to avoiding that. We’re getting two ports here, so you can charge from two places, power button here as well, and all of your certification, which is good. Let’s just see what else you get in the box. Something there, cables, and like a USB cable. Oh, you’ve got the controller. Here’s the controller, as you can see. It looks like the same as before but I think they’ve made sometimes improvements to it, which let me just have a look. The new DualShock controller with USB communication.

Nice, I’m all for improvement, and it feels just as good as before. I hope they kind of upped the battery life though, because the battery seems to be pretty bad. I mean compared to smartphones, I think you should at least have 2000mAh in there, I think it’s 1000. Just compare here the old boy with the new boy. You can see a big size difference, and that is nice, but as I said, the biggest thing that I enjoy so far is the lack of this area, which you can already see on mine, is like fingerprint magnet, so even got some scratches, I don’t even now how they got there. It’s also very heavy, I mean seriously. I’ll probably do a review of this console with the PS4 old, see if it’s worth it to get it here, but just a quick little unboxing and first look of it. I will be getting the PS4 Pro in as well, so do stay tuned for that. I hope you enjoyed the video and I’ll see you in the next one. Cheers.

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